Awase-E is a recognition-based image authentication system that uses users' favorite pictures as user's secret.
A picture in the left is a screen snapshot of a verification screen in this prototype system. You can look at a detail of the system here.
Authentication Proceedure in this Prototype System.
You can try out this prototype system as following process.
  1. At first, you click a link named "Start Awase-E Authentication" in a bottom of this page.
  2. Then, you look at an input form for a username.
    In the system, you must type "awasee" in the form and click OK button.
  3. After a while, a verification screen like below figure appears. A verification screen has nine pictures and "No pass-image" button. If the screen includes your pass-image, you have to select it as a response. If the screen does not include any of your pass-images, you have to push "No pass-image" button.
  4. In this prototype system, one authentication consists of four verifications. You have to respond a verification trial four times.
  5. You can get an authentication result after you finish to respond a verification trial four time.
    If you would like to try again, you should click "retry" button or reload button on a web browser.
Pass-Images in the Prototype System

Following three pictures are pass-images in the prototype system.
If you find any of the three pictures in a verification screen, you must select it as an answer by a mouse.

In this prototype system, I had fixed above three pictures as pass-images of this prototype system. It is for making a prototype system simple. However, in an original system, a user firstly registers his/her own pictures to an authentication server. A user, then, also has to set his/her pass-images from registered pictures.


The prototype system has been tested both web browsers:

I excuse but there is no guarantee of a proper work of the prototype system on another web browsers. Sorry for inconvenience.

Let's try
Start Awase-E Authentication
This technology is in patent pending (PAT.P).